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Care For Your Flowers

Receiving flowers is an incredible experience because it delivers the words of someone near and dear to your heart and how much you mean to them. The beauty of flowers is that they can be for any occasion, reason or season.  Flowers are the perfect gift all year round.

When you’ve been lucky enough to receive a beautiful bouquet of freshly prepared flowers, you may be wondering what can you do to ensure the arrangement last as long as possible.

If you have received your flower delivery while away from home, perhaps at work or at an event, try to place them in water as soon as possible to keep them fresh until you can get home. We recommend wrapping the stems in wet a paper towel covered with a plastic bag to keep them from getting other things wet during your travel home.

Flower Care Checklist

  1. Find yourself a vase.  Make sure it’s clean as this prevents bacteria from growing and makes them last longer.
  2. See what flowers you have received, for example if you have received daffodils, make sure you don’t re-cut them. The sap can be harmful to other stems in the arrangement so daffodil specific flower food can neutralize this risk.
  3. If the bouquet contains any lilies that are open, we recommend removing the stamens. This will save your clothes, furniture and carpet from stains but also ensures the lilies last even longer. Use a paper towel to remove them, starting at the base rather than cutting them, which may harm the flower.
  4. Cut the stems! This needs to be done before you place the flowers in your clean vase and the flowers will need to be re-cut every few days.  Roughly about an inch from the bottom and cut them at an angle.  This increases the surface area and allows the flower to take in more water.
  5. Place the flowers somewhere with light, but not in direct sunlight. Most cut flowers survive best between 64° and 71°F.
  6. Some flowers may be delivered in a bud.  This allows the flowers to last even longer and you can watch the bouquet bloom into a stunning display.
  7. Keep the flowers away from the fruit bowl! Fruit releases a gas called ethylene which breaks down other fruit around it and some of the more delicate flowers may begin to perish prematurely as a result.
  8. Change the water every few days to keep it fresh. Remove any dead flowers and prevent it from falling below the water because this will create bacteria which shortens the life of the flowers.

We hope you enjoy your flowers, that they last as long as possible and you remember the lovely gesture for years to come. If you’d like to return the favor and send flowers to someone special, order online for quick same day flower delivery!